Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to make this easy!

Who is welcome in your store? Please know that if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or identify differently than listed, you are always welcome with open arms in our store.

What is your general price range? Our gowns generally range from $1,500 to $3,500. If you are doing your best to stick to your budget, please inform your stylist.

What if you don’t have my size in store? Too bad, it’s impossible! … Just kidding, we can order most dresses we have in stock! Please give yourself proper time to order your dream dress.

Can I buy a sample / stock gown? Of course you can! We are constantly rotating our inventory and keeping it fresh. While clients try on, we help guide them to keep our gowns in pristine condition. Gowns can be altered for your perfect fit. We have a selection of ready to ship gowns here.

Do you have plus size samples? We have one of the best plus size selections in the tri-state area. Come on in!

Do you have a seamstress? Yes, we do! Our seamstresses have been with us for over 15+ years, and we only trust the best.

When should I make an appointment? If you are itching to come in and search for your perfect dress, stop in! Make an appointment during a time you know you are free. We prefer our brides to come in ___ months before their wedding, and special occasion and prom clients to come in ___ months before your event. Make an appointment here.

What do I need for my first fitting? Shoes (for hems), undergarments, and slips! All items we provide, but please bring what you plan to wear on this special day! Please refer to the alteration information page.

How do I check the status of my order? Give us a call or email us! We would be happy to update you on your order.

Where should I get my dress clean or preserved? Aimee Michelle Bridal proudly offers a gown preservation service. Having your dress cleaned and preserved can make it the next family heirloom, or make the perfect personal keepsake!

What do I do with my dress after I wore it? Can’t wear the same dress twice? You may have options! Some brides cut up their gowns and make smaller keepsakes out of them, and some preserve it to pass down! A lot of special occasion and prom dresses can be altered into something else. Think about cutting it into a cocktail dress, a two piece, etc.

Are there any other services suggested by Aimee Michelle? Of course! Being in the business so long, we try to collaborate with the best of the best. Feel free to ask us suggestions on venues, photographers, invitations, etc. Please check our sponsors tab as well!

Do you offer day-of wedding services? Yes, we do! Our professionals can come to the wedding to help properly dress the bride, be on hand for quick fixes, and help make sure everything runs smoothly. Under the contact tab up top, please click Day of Wedding Services for more information

Am I forgetting anything? Check our timeline and checklists page, we made it easy! Bridal Timeline / Prom Timeline